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What is the cause of your actions?


Nutrition coaching sensibly deals with root cause research and not only with symptoms. That is, with the thoughts and actions of how one treats oneself and one's body, and not with the diet itself. The emotional triggers that set off a behavior - like that of nutrition - to distract oneself from them. Moreover, this can be done with work, education, sex, drugs, etc. This is a natural protective mechanism, which is also important. Our goal is to bring awareness about this mechanism. In psychology we talk about repression, procrastination or compensation, which are types of problem solving. In general, human activity is an effort to solve problems or to live with them, that is, to achieve a goal or to realize purposes.

In our opinion, quality of life and mental well-being means spending your time on pleasant things, living consciously in the moment and being mindful of your thoughts. Counting calories or that the thoughts continuously revolve around topics such as nutrition or other and thus determine the everyday life, is certainly not part of it, if you want to lead an all-around happy life. This concept offers you the basis to pursue a balanced lifestyle in the future.

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Natural advantage is the shortcut to your goals when it comes to your personal wellness and health.

Diets only work in the short term - so it's no wonder that pretty much everyone has tried one without success. 

Extremes such as veganism without supplements are also included here.

Choose autonomy, well-being and happiness!


Erfolg - Lösung - Gesundheit - Glück

lose weight

In addition to the health aspects, psychosocial factors play a role in pursuing the goal of weight reduction. Possibility of socializing, better self-esteem and positive body image, performance and general well-being.

Exercise supports these factors and additionally increases basal metabolic rate, better blood lipid levels, improved cardiac performance and normalized appetite.


gain weight

Analogous to losing weight, the health and psychosocial factors mentioned above also play a role here if you want to gain weight and achieve your ideal weight in the long term.

Especially in critical situations it is important to quickly determine the causes and to initiate a trend reversal - for example with a recovery diet. The joy of life will return with the healthy body.



About 90% of women have an issue with cellulite, which is also completely natural. The good news is that you have it in your own hands whether you do something for your body, because it is related to lifestyle! An important realization that you can influence it massively and it is only partly due to your genes.

Even if it is tempting, creams or the like do not bring any benefits.

The symptom cellulite manifests itself in a weakness of the connective tissue with too much stored fat. The causes are too much white flour, meat, sugar or smoking and too little water and alkaline fruits and vegetables to neutralize. If the diet is too acidic, the acid acts permanently on the collagen connective tissue fibers, which then lose firmness and expand. Vitamin C tightens them again and so it is important to live smoke-free and thus prevent a deficit of vitamin C. In addition, protein, magnesium and zinc play a crucial role in connection with strength training. Here denser muscles are promoted and more testosterone is produced - additionally a psychological advantage! Fascia rollers or balls and massages can also have a supporting effect here.

taut and fresh skin

A balanced diet also helps to achieve the best possible result with our largest sensory organ. This is especially beneficial because, among other things, the skin plays a key role in detoxification and an active role for the immune system.

Moreover, it is ideal not to care for healthy skin, because most ingredients can make the skin downright dependent, because they contain film-formers.

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