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Strengthen your immune system!

A crucial issue if you want to enjoy the benefits of a healthy body into old age! The immune system is the defense system of the organism, which defends it from invaders and foreign substances. We also know it as "body police" and therefore it is fundamentally important to take all measures not to weaken it unnecessarily. The natural immune strength is only given if the interlocking interaction of immune organs, cells and molecules works. Next to the nervous system, it represents the most complex system of our body. If one wants to be healthy and permanently efficient, a holistic view and solution is also necessary here, in order not to manipulate our system unnecessarily. In addition to age, lifestyle in particular has an influence on the immune system:

Negative factors can be stress, cigarette consumption, alcohol abuse, chronic diseases or inadequate nutrition. The consequence are inflammatory processes, which show themselves as an expression of an immune reaction, but can be decisively influenced by nutritional factors!

A large proportion of today's diseases of civilization are promoted by silent inflammation. These include depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, heart attack, dementia, mental illness, dementia, Parkinson's disease, allergies, COPD, chronic pain, premature aging, non-alcoholic fatty liver or degeneration. These are asymptomatic and therefore often go unnoticed and untreated, which can lead to serious disease. In contrast to the inflammations, which are symptomatic (e.g. swelling, redness). With this knowledge, much suffering can be saved by the outbreak of these diseases and quality of life can be promoted.


Personal progress and individual quality of life is only possible when the four areas are in balance!

► physical and mental health

► financial prosperity and satisfaction

► economic and social success

► Happiness and resilience

A very big part of this is your own responsibility, so choose your balance and start a better future today!  



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So what counteracts silent inflammation?


Attention should be paid to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy ratio of fatty acids - obesity and excess consumption of omega-6 fatty acids are the main causes of silent inflammation:

The AA/EPA ratio indicates the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. The higher the ratio, the higher the risk of silent and symptomatic inflammation and the more urgent it is to change this situation. "AA" stands for the main pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid "arachidonic acid" and "EPA" for the main anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid "eicosapentaenoic acid". An optimal value is at most 2.5, but on average it is around 10 - 15 and in adolescents often even over 30!

Fatty tissue is not only an energy store, but also a highly active gland, producing hormones such as estrogen and releasing inflammatory messengers. Thus, obesity promotes silent inflammation.

Studies with about 300 subjects found that there is a positive correlation between BMI to the inflammatory markers CRP and IL-6. The risk of heart attack and diabetes is increased in overweight people. Visceral abdominal and visceral fat is particularly dangerous.

Cachexia (pathological weight loss), anorexia (loss of appetite) and bulimia (binge eating) or other psychological trauma promote inflammation. Tactics here may be to reduce omega-6 fatty acids on the one hand and increase omega-3 fatty acids on the other. It should be noted here that the alpha-linolenic acid in, for example, linseed oil can only be converted to EPA and DHA to a small extent, but reduces the intake of omega-6 fatty acid.

The listed points are of course all taken into account and are the basis for our methods.


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