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Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing".

Arthur Schopenhauer

Prevention and holistic health consulting


 It's similar to wealth: at best, you deal with your health preventively and invest in sustainable measures before it becomes an expensive liability.

So that you have time and leisure for the really important things in life! Circling thoughts, counting calories, hunger pangs or the next diet are definitely not part of this. We offer you as experts with our holistic health advice individual solutions to support you best and efficiently in achieving your health and athletic goals - with joy and ease!

listless, tired and often sick?

unfavorable lifestyle?

► unfullfilled desire to have children?

► unbalanced children?

► unhappy with figure?


within 12 weeks you'll optimize unhelpful behaviors and take off!

your progress is our mission

► start to live free

► save time and nerves 

► reach your full potential

► holistic and sustainable improvement


Erfolg - Wohlbefinden - Fortschritt -Freiheit

free start!

Up to 45 minutes free and non-binding needs assessment. Actual state analysis and stumbling blocks are identified, goals defined, solutions visualized and offered.


Best results with system!

Health, well-being and self-responsibility are the foundation for a permanently successful, fulfilled and happy life. Often it is people with entrepreneurial success who put their service to the customer or in the family ahead of their psyche and physique. This of course also includes family businesswomen, self-employed and competitive athletes! Therefore, completely online to save the maximum of your time and offer you the greatest possible flexibility!

The pursuit of passion not infrequently leads to some neglect of self and balance, or often does not want to spend the time to delve into these complex issues. Consequently, personal progress and health fall by the wayside and performance inevitably drops. We have made this circumstance our mission and help you to restore your balance and to reach new heights with your quality of life and performance.

Balance means progress

Personal progress and individual quality of life can only be achieved sustainably and permanently if the following four areas are in balance!

► physical and mental health

► financial prosperity and satisfaction

► economic and social success

► Happiness and resilience

A very big part of it is your own self-responsibility, so choose your balance and start today into a better future, because progress means prosperity!

Our unique offer provides you with a shortcut, because your time is valuable and therefore it is especially important to work economically and to reach the goal accordingly quickly. In order to meet this demand, we have developed this approach and positioned it on the market:

We also address root causes and don't just change symptoms - a holistic and, most importantly, sustainable approach to solving problems! It's about your emotional triggers that trigger behavior to distract from the causes. All human action is an effort to solve problems or live with them. In addition, it is precisely an unbalanced diet with a resulting lack of vital substances that is the cause of a drop in performance. That is why we offer individually adapted solutions as a total concept with unique service. Perfect for people who want real improvement besides their undertakings and want to develop their maximum potential, but of course want to use their time more sensibly!

your natural advantages

perfect figure

Finally look in the mirror and feel good all around


optimale Vorbereitung, Verlauf und Stillzeit für den Familienzuwachs


Become more efficient and gain quality of life 

Immune strong

being all around healthy, free and mindful - methods that work

A team of experts including sports scientists, doctors and trainers has developed this proven method. To make it accessible to everyone, the complex topics have been presented in an easy-to-understand way. Permanent accessibility and support ensures your results - ensures measurable success!

After our preliminary performance of the state analysis and needs assessment, the offer for 12 weeks includes

► a welcome gift

► weekly one hour in direct conversation

► Direct assistance via chat, e-mail, or messenger

► the documentation of your development

► The elaboration of the diet with a revision

► Working documents for the respective areas for immediate implementation and results

► of course without additional or hidden costs

Get started!

Ready for a sustainable change? Then let's develop it together!

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